Grinder Pump Management

Grinder Pump Management Plan

It is intended that this document shall represent the Management Plan of the Whitemarsh Township Authority (“Authority”) regarding each Grinder Pump, as defined in Chapter 95, Article VI, § 95-42 of the Whitemarsh Township Code (the “Sewer Code”) connected into the public sanitary sewer system of the Authority. The words or terms set forth herein adopts the definitions set forth in § 95-42 of the Sewer Code.

I. General Conditions

A. The Authority has determined that Grinder Pumps shall have application, as a limited alternative to the standard, conventional gravity system, in the following events:

  1. Topography considerations create difficulties and significant additional expenditures.
  2. Groundwater conditions present difficulties in construction and maintenance.
  3. Significant rock formation present impractical application of standard construction methods.

B. The Authority shall permit the use of each Grinder Pump on an individual basis, based upon the presence and significance of the factors set forth in Section A above.

C. The permission to permit the use of a Grinder Pump shall be provided, in writing, issued by the Executive Director of the Authority or his/her designated agent.

D. Each Property Owner requesting implementation of a Grinder Pump and Low-Pressure System for an Improved Property shall provide such information as the Authority may request, including the following:

  1. Basis for Grinder Pump preference based upon factors set forth in Section A above.
  2. Plans and profiles of location and details of proposed Grinder Pump and Low-Pressure System.
  3. Shop drawings of all proposed installations.
  4. The Authority shall require a Grinder Pump (“Approved Grinder Pump”) that meets the requirements established in its Standard Specifications for Sanitary Sewer Facilities, which may be modified from time to time.

E. Any Grinder Pump requested by any applicant shall require hydraulic and applicable specifications and other information as may be reasonably requested by the Authority in order to determine whether the Grinder Pump is an Approved Pump, or an acceptable alternative “(Acceptable Alternative”)

F. Each Developer shall pay to the Authority the sum of Two Hundred Fifty ($250.00) Dollars for each requested Grinder Pump installation, prior to Authority permitting approval. In the event the Grinder Pump, as permitted, is not a current Approved Pump, the Developer shall provide a spare Acceptable Alternative for each fifteen (15) Grinder Pumps permitted, or fraction thereof. A “Developer” shall be any entity obtaining Whitemarsh Township land development plan approval, as an applicant, pursuant to Chapter 105, Article IV, § 105-24.1E(1) of the Whitemarsh Township Code.

G. All Grinder Pump installations shall be inspected and approved by the Authority or its designee prior to backfilling. Verification of permanently attached phenolic “Maintenance Label” (B4) shall occur as a condition of approval. Such label shall state:

All maintenance costs for grinder pump systems are the Homeowner’s responsibility. A temporary replacement grinder pump may be rented from the Whitemarsh Township Authority. Contact Information 610.825.3535. The phenolic label shall be provided by the Whitemarsh Township Authority at the time of application and payment of fees.

H. All Grinder Pump installations shall be in full compliance with all Authority, Township, state and federal requirements.

I. All preliminary and final development plans of any Developer approved under the Pennsylvania Municipality Planning Code, where applicable, shall contain the following note:

A copy of the Whitemarsh Township Authority’s Individual Grinder Pump Management Plan shall be given to the Homeowner of any affected property, at the time of settlement on that property.

The Developer shall be required to comply with the terms of such note.

J. Each Property Owner having a Grinder Pump shall provide a copy of this Management Plan to the purchaser of the subject Property.

II. Ownership and Maintenance

A.     Each Grinder Pump installed, inside any right-of-way line, shall be owned and maintained by the Property Owner.

B. Each such Property Owner shall maintain a service contract with a qualified contractor experienced in the maintenance and replacement of all elements of the Grinder Pump.

C. All Grinder Pump warranties shall be enforced by the Property Owner against the applicable manufacturer or appropriate agent.

D. All rules and regulations for low-pressure systems set forth in § 95-46 of the Sewer Code shall be made part of this Management Plan and shall control whenever in conflict with any other provisions set forth herein.

III. Rental Policy

A. In the event that the Property Owner requires a replacement of an approved Grinder Pump, the Authority shall attempt to provide, on a designated temporary basis, from its repository, pending replacement of a Grinder Pump consistent with the terms of this Management Plan.

B. In accordance with the requirements of the Department, the Authority maintains one or more spare individual Grinder Pumps for use on an as-needed basis by customers of the Authority’s public sanitary sewer system.

C. The following policy shall apply to the rental of a Grinder Pump from the Authority:

  1. The Property Owner may designate a contractor or plumber (“Agent”) as the signaled agent.
  2. The Agent must be on an approved list of Whitemarsh Townshp Authority.
  3. The Property Owner or Agent shall complete a “Grinder Pump Rental Form,” available at the Authority’s office during normal business hours Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Rental not in normal business hours shall be subject to a One Hundred ($100.00) Dollar surcharge premium. Arrangements for rental not in normal business hours can be accommodated by contacting the Authority Emergency Service On-Call Representative @ 610.828-8000 (7 days per week/365 days per year).
  4. The Property Owner shall pay a Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollar deposit (by money order or check made payable to “Whitemarsh Township Authority”) that will be held as security for return of the rental Grinder Pump in clean, good operating condition. Payment of the deposit shall be made in full before the rental Grinder Pump is released.
  5. The deposit shall be returned to the Property Owner within three (3) working days after the return of the Grinder Pump in clean, good working condition and payment of all rental charges. If the Grinder Pump requires cleaning or repairs, the Property Owner shall be so notified by the Authority and the cost of the services deducted from the deposit. The remaining deposit, along with a copy of the repair statement, thereafter will be returned to the property owner.
  6. The rental rate for a Grinder Pump shall be Ten ($10.00) Dollars per day and any portion thereof. The minimum rental charge shall be Twenty ($20.00) Dollars. The rental charge shall be provided in cash or check made payable to “Whitemarsh Township Authority.” The maximum period rental period shall be seven (7) consecutive calendar days, unless other special arrangements have been made, in writing, with the Authority.

D. It is the policy of the Authority that any warranty issues associated with the Grinder Pump shall be resolved directly between or among the Property Owner, Developer (if applicable), manufacturer of the Grinder Pump, or such other involved parties, to the exclusion of the Authority and Whitemarsh Township and their respective employees and agents.