Sewer Rate Schedule


Residential customers are billed twice a year in April and October.  The current rate is $184.53 every six months. The Authority offers a 2% discount if payment is received within thirty (30) days of the bill date.  If you pay within the discount period, your amount due is $180.84.


Commercial customers are billed twice a year, in May and November, after we obtain the necessary meter readings.  The commercial rate is based on meter size and the customer water consumption for the usage charge.  The water meter equivalencies used for sewer base fees are consistent with those of the American Water Works Association. The fixed service charge per meter size is as follows:

Meter Size Semi-Annual Charge
5/8 inch $330.15
3/4 inch $495.22
1 inch $825.35
1 1/2 inch $1,650.72
2 inch $2,733.88
3 inch $4,952.20
4 inch $8,253.69
6 inch (and larger) $16,507.40


The volume charge is $4.52 per thousand gallons.